Content over Envy

I often find myself envious of other women and their successful career; desperately wanting what they have.  I sometimes look at women around me and think “man, I wish I looked like that” or “gee, I wish my hair was as long and beautiful as hers.”  If only I would have done this, I could be as successful as her…  If only I ran 8 miles a day, I could look like her (not happening by the way…)   It leads me down a road of discouragement, self-loathing and sometimes resentment; sucking every ounce of joy out of me.  It’s a dangerous game we play in our minds and hearts and the enemy loves to play with us.  When we allow ourselves to dwell on what others have that we don’t, what others do that we can’t, our attention goes away from the One who uniquely created us for His good and onto the one who is waiting with baited breath to destroy us for his pleasure.  Oh how quickly we can dip into murky water here…and sink.

It is important in these moments that we recognize our wrong, recognize the lies we are telling ourselves, forfeit the game we are playing and turn to the truth of God’s Word.  The beauty in that is when we seek God’s Word and understand that his promises apply to uswhen we begin to truly, wholeheartedly, with everything in us believe that – it draws us nearer to Him and further away from the lies of the enemy.  It spurs us to seek Him more, becoming confident in how He created us and where He has us in this moment.   It causes us to be content.

Things I do to change my perspective, combat my envy and remain content:

  • I point my praise and adoration to the One True God. I replace truth where the lies of the enemy have tried to take me out.  I do this by knowing and believing who the Lord tells me I am in Him.
  • I pray specifically for the woman that I may find myself being envious of. I pray that the Lord would bless her tenfold.
  • I will write and send a note of encouragement to that woman. It is amazing how at the same time you are blessing someone else, you also will be encouraged.  I promise.