Just wait……

Hello from Mexico!

One might wonder why I am writing while on an amazing vacation……well when something comes to me, it just won’t go away until I write it down.  I told Jeremy yesterday, “I’m fighting the urge to pull out the computer and type up this blog.”  His response: “Why are you fighting it?  You love doing it, so do it!  It’s not like it’s work.”  And so with that said, I am spending this beautiful morning sitting on our patio sharing with you all.

We left home early early EARLY Monday morning to come here(it felt more like the middle of the night!)  This is a vacation sponsored by Jeremy’s work.

**He earned this trip through all of his hard work last year and may I just add, he was the TOP Sales for his division in the ENTIRE COUNTRY!  I am so proud of him and how hard he works!**  

Back to the trip, we were at the resort by 11:00 in the morning.  Being that we were part of this big group, we were hoping our room would be ready even though check-in wasn’t really until 3:00.  Everyone around us was checking in and peoples rooms were actually ready so I was hopeful.  Now it’s our turn…..and I knew from the look on her face, “I’m sorry, your room isn’t ready yet.  You can check back with us before but it may not be until 3:00.”   I was bummed but we just decided to go get some lunch and hoped it would be ready after that.  You just don’t feel settled somewhere until you can get your room and just collect yourself for a minute.  We ate lunch, checked back.  Nope, no room yet.  Again, we saw many others saying they had their rooms and we just didn’t understand.  We ventured down to the pool and just relaxed there for a bit, then went and checked again. It was 2:00 so surely it would be ready, right?  “Nope, no room yet, please wait until 3:00.”  At this point I was tired and frustrated.  I just wanted my room and I just couldn’t understand why everyone was getting rooms and we weren’t.  Ask my husband, my children, well basically anyone that knows me; patience does NOT come easy to me.  It truly is a daily battle.  Something I truly have to pray for every day.   Well, my patience was running thin.  However, I just kept reminding myself, “you are on a free vacation – so shut up..…don’t you dare complain.”  So, I shut up, didn’t complain and waited.  Sure enough, right at 3:00 our room was ready.  We were taken to our room and walked in and our jaws dropped.  How on earth did we score this incredible room?  We have a corner room, central to everything, and our patio literally steps right into the pool.  Guys, it’s seriously amazing.  Some of Jeremy’s co-workers came by to visit and were just in awe of our room.  They couldn’t believe it!  We honestly aren’t quite sure why Jeremy was given this particular room,  our only conclusion is being top earnings may have given us this privilege.  We are just enjoying it!   This is our room’s patio:MexicoNow you’re probably wondering: Why did I tell you this story?  I promise I wasn’t bragging…..  As we sat at lunch yesterday I shared with Jeremy:  waiting on our room just reminded me about when we have to wait on the Lord sometimes.  God’s timing is perfect.  So often I just want to hurry it up!  I want to know something now, I want Him to make something happen now and many times, He says WAIT!  When we wait on His timing, it is SO MUCH BETTER!  We had to wait on our room all day, yet when we got it, it was perfect.  It was beyond what we imagined!  Guys, I have had a rough few months.  I have been down, I’ve been in a funk.  The Lord opened some doors for me for some AMAZING opportunities over the last few months.  (I will share those things with you at a later time as they are still in the works!) Yet, some things that I have wanted to happen, just haven’t happened yet and I was getting really discouraged.  I was going through this phase of feeling like a failure, feeling not good enough, wondering why the Lord wasn’t allowing some things to happen and so on.  Basically having my own pity party.  And some things that happened over the last several weeks didn’t help it either.  I sometimes wonder, “Why Lord, why did you let that happen?  Why didn’t you allow this to happen?  When is this going to happen” BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!  Why do I ask these questions?  It’s not like I don’t know His timing is perfect!  It’s not like I don’t understand that what I see in front of me or what I want to happen right now may not be the best.

I had been praying that the Lord would use this time away on vacation to refresh me and renew me.  He has.  Through a silly story about checking into our room He has.  Just as the hotel told us, 3:00 you can check-in – I wanted to rush it.  3:00 was the hotels perfect time, I wanted to rush it.  If I would have thrown a fit, demanded a room immediately, I probably would have got a room, even a nice one.  But it sure wouldn’t have been this beautiful room we waited for.  When I throw a fit, step out of God’s will and do my own thing…it ain’t beautiful.  And most times will end badly……     Yet, when we wait on Him, when we allow Him to guide our steps, He is honored and we are blessed.  Their may be struggle in the midst of waiting, their may be heartache, yet when we trust in Him we can have peace knowing He is in control!  I was reminded of how long some had to wait in the Bible.  David waited at least 15 years from the time he was anointed to when He actually became King.  Those 15 years were not all that pleasant.  I believe it took Samuel some 15 years to become king of Judah and another 7 to become king of Israel.  So goodness, He started teaching us early on in scripture that often we have to WAIT!  I just have a hard time getting that through this thick skull of mine.  So, if you seem to have that problem too, rest assured you aren’t alone.  He has something beautiful for you on the horizon.

Adios from Mexico.  I’m off to the beach…….

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.  Proverbs 16:9